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Now Hiring - Have you ever considered a career in 9-1-1? Are you willing to work nights, weekends and holidays? We are now accepting applications for 9-1-1 Public Safety Dispatchers.
     Click here to download an application.
     Click here to download a complete job description.
Completed applications along with resume can be emailed to .

9-1-1 Call Statistics

Charter Phone Customers in North Shelby County -
If your home or business is not in the city limits of Hoover you should pay the Shelby County 9-1-1 rate of $2.20 for homes and $3.50 for business lines.

Sheriff's Office Events on the Internet
This page will update every five minutes and shows all activity for the last 24 hours. Visit the event web site.

VoIP Phones and 9-1-1 - If you are considering a VoIP phone provider, please read the fine print related to 9-1-1. The FCC has ruled that all VoIP carriers must provide full 9-1-1 service as of November 28, 2005, but not all route 9-1-1 calls directly to Shelby County 9-1-1.  A good resource for consumer information is

All Wireless Calls Now Phase II - All Wireless Carriers now meet the FCC requirements for sending your location when you dial 9-1-1.
<more about wireless phones and 9-1-1>

Emergency Warning Sirens - Shelby 9-1-1 activates some of the sirens in Shelby County. This is a list of the siren locations, including the ones we do not activate.

Why 9-1-1 and not 911 - People have actually become confused and tried to dial Nine-Eleven! We emphasize Nine-One-One so you will react properly when under stress during an emergency.

Home Owner's Insurance Rates - How does a Fire Department's rating affect insurance costs?

TTY / TDD Users Dial 9-1-1. Read this if you use TTY to communicate.


"To provide the citizens of Shelby County with a quick and efficient method for accessing emergency services using 9-1-1 and to support the emergency service providers through superior dispatch and communications services."

Shelby County 9-1-1, 1004 County Services Dr, Pelham, Alabama 35124 (205)439-6911
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